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Love And Anarchy

The Life and Times of a Lazy Radical

28 August
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I'm a radical. And a self-defined dork. And so much more.
And I'm coming to get you!
9/11/1973, against me, against me!, allende, anarchism, anarcho punk, anarcho-communist, anarcho-queer, anarcho-socialist, anarchy, anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-racist, anti-war, anybody named ursula, aqua teen hunger force, audre lorde, bandera roja, battlefield 1942, big butts, black panthers, che guevara, che guevera, chicago, chomsky, class war, cnt-fai, cock sparrer, colombia, communism, computer games, crispin glover, cuba, cunt, cunts, destroying power not people, devo, drag kings, dyke, dykes, emiliano zapata, ernesto che guevara, exene cervenka, ezln, fallout, feminism, feminist pornography, fighting white supremecy, frantz fanon, free palestine, gender bent, gender fuck, gender-benders, gender-fuck, gender-fucking, gender-queers, genderfuck, guerilla warfare, guerrilla war, guerrillas, hedwig, history, hockey, impeach bush, improv comedy, independent media, indymedia, inti illimani, inti-illimani, jews against the occupation, joe sacco, johnny depp, journalism, kate bornstein, leftists, leftover crack, lesbians, leslie feinberg, malcolm x, malcom x, manu chao, martin espada, michael moore, movies, mumia abu jamal, music, my wonderful ex, no pasaran, noam chomsky, octavia butler, oi, oi music, oi polloi, operation flashpoint, palestine, pirate radio, pirates, planescape: torment, poems, poetic terrorism, poetry, poets, political poetry, politics, porn, powerpuff girls, punk, punk rock love, queer-punks, queers, ramones, reagan youth, revolution, revolutionary, sealab 2021, sex-positive, shoplifting, ska, skatebording, sketch comedy, socialism, south america, spanish civil war, street punk, the distillers, the germs, the ramones, the varukers, tranny-punks, trannys, trans, transsexuals, tranvestites, upright citizens brigade, ursula k le guin, ursula le guin, varukers, victor jara, writing, writting poetry, x, x the band, x-com, zapata, zapatistas, zombies